Sunday, 22 November 2009

November Journal Page

Collage, acrylic, ink, pablo pencil, stamping.

I'm excited about this page for a couple of reasons:
Firstly, it should not work (vintage photo V orange/black acrylic paint - what was she thinking?!)....but I really like it!

Secondly, it was one of those 'accidental' pages. The background was part of an acrylic painting which didn't work out, so I was feeling a bit disappointed, but I never waste anything so I cut it up to use for collage. My feeling of failure disappeared when I realised it might still make something interesting. I love it when art just happens.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Beetle ATC

I can never stay away from insects for long, and this exotic beetle is one of my favourite insect images.

Collage, ink, acetate, hardware.

Vintage Again - ATC

I'm planning on starting some very large-scale work next month, so I'm doing the opposite at the moment and making some ATCs. They are such a great way to try out images and ideas, and stimulate creative thinking.

Collage, script stamp, ink, pablo pencil.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Be Free, Make Art

(12x12 Scrapbook Page)
Prima Paintables watercolour sheet; photocopy picture, transfers, tape labeller, mixed media.
I'm feeling quite bold and brave at the moment, and I want to translate that feeling into my artwork, using vibrant colour and high contrast design.
This is a rework of a page I started ages ago but was never happy with. I like it better this time round!