Monday, 20 October 2008

Deaths Head Moth

Death's Head Moth

Image printed onto page, collage, stamping, ink, pablo pencil.
Please don't mention Silence of the Lambs! It's a shame the association between this moth and that film is so strong, because it is a strange and fascinating creature. The unusual markings on the moth's body really do resemble a human skull, giving it a slightly mystical quality, which I have tried to reflect in the collage. I'm also feeling autumnal at the moment and enjoying the changing colours of the trees, so those seasonal colours and textures are featuring in my work.


Lorraine said...

Hello Claudia have found your blog so welcome to blogland..looking forward to seeing more of your work. On my blog you will see a list of challenge sites that are often good to attract people to your blog.

Hazel said...

Yay, love the look of your blog! Like Lorraine said, welcome to blogland- I look forward to seeing more of your art :D