Thursday, 12 February 2009

Scrapbooking Meets Altered Art

I'm a scrapbooker as well as an altered bookmaker, and at the moment I'm really enjoying the experience of fusing and mixing up the two crafts in this book.
I wanted to make something really personal, so the book features altered photos of myself, my friends and family, combined with the usual mix of collage, stamping, paint, fabric etc..
I particularly like to use high-contrast black and white images, cut from their background and set against new (more interesting!) ones. Here a 'reject' wedding photo gets a new lease of life.


ally said...

this is stunning

Annie said...

I love your art work. It really is beautiful, and very inspiring. I'm trying to incorporate more collage into my scrapbooking, and you've given me lots and lots of ideas - so thanks!

Lorraine said...

excellent work on your blog..I miss chatting to you on the altered site..a lot of us are chatting on UK Stampers now

Carmen said...

Your whole blog is stunning. I woke up this morning very down and was debating crawling back to bed once the kids are at school but you have perked me up no end and am inspired. Thank you for sharing.