Monday, 23 August 2010

Paint Techniques for Journal Pages

After a few of my background paintjobs went a bit muddy I decided to try a lighter touch with watercolours, to keep the white of the paper showing through (like proper watercolour painters - my Mum will be proud!) Here's the paintjob - which I was pleased with. It all went slightly downhill after that though, so I'll leave the finished pages to your imagination!
The background washes and 'feather effect' were done very wet, and the stencilled shapes and lettering added as it dried.


Rosie said...

You're so much better at paint than I am, though I am trying! What a great idea to put the date in as part of the background, I feel quite strongly about dating my pages, particularly because I don't work through my book in any logical sequence.

Claudia Hemmings said...

Thanks Rosie but I can't take credit. I think I saw the background-date idea somewhere, although I can't remember where. Like you, in spiral-bounds my pages aren't in date order either, but now I'm doing loose pages I suppose they will be, when I bind.

Ophelia said...

I really love this journal the colors! Found your blog today and will be back often....I'm your newest follower!!