Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Step-by-Step Journal Page (for J)

Had a request for a step-by-step tutorial, so here we go... (Here's the finished page...obviously!)
Ingredients: Paints (I used liquid acrylics this time), lacepaper for stencil, handmade and patterned papers, alpha stamp set, watersoluble crayons, pablo pencils, fancy trim. (Oh, and grubby kitchen towel - that's crucial! Sorry - I should have tidied up before taking photos!)

I started with a patchy turquoise wash, then used a darker colour to stencil and outline the page.

The stencilled pattern didn't really match the image though, so I used gesso to tone it down to almost nothing, then added the collage elements, including stamped journalling. I stamped onto mulberry paper, which goes semi-transparent if you use wet glue to adhere it, so it blends into the background colours.

I brought it all together using watersoluble crayons and pablo pencils to scribble around and over everything, to create that scrappy/arty look. The final touch was a bit of turquoise trim, to add dimension and texture (and just because I really like it!)
You need to scroll back up now to see the finished page (seemed a bit pointless to post the picture twice).


Juliwan said...

Thank you, you make it look so easy :o) Really helpful to see how the pro's do it and fabulous finished page. Thanks again

Rosie said...

That's great - it's so interesting to see the step by step process! Love the page, especially the skull thingy!!

Carin said...

Thanks for the step by step! It looks great! I'm truly inspired!