Sunday, 19 February 2012

One Drawing A Day

To improve my drawing skills and confidence, I am trying to sketch every day at the moment, even if it is just a quick doodle.  I plan to use the 'One drawing a day' book for some ideas, but so far it's just quick pen or pencil sketches of whatever is in my head at the time.

I've never blogged sketches before because they tend to be a) messy, b) a bit weird, c) decidedly unimpressive and d) covered in random nonsense scribbled in my worst handwriting.  However, I'm feeling isolated doing this One Drawing a Day thing on my own and I want to stay focused, so I've decided to ignore these worries and blog my daily doodles for six weeks in the hope that someone else might decide to join in with me, or at least talk to me about it!

First Week's Sketches - mostly people, all pigment pen (terrible photo - too lazy to scan them separately!)

Second Week - fish, landscape and strange Pierrot people. All pencil.

Last Week's Sketches - people on the bus, isolated buildings, doodles (all pigment pen)



Rosie said...

Way to go - you obviously have something really good there which can only develop, and I'd say that pigment pen is your natural medium?? Keep at it!

Giulietta said...

Hi Claudia, I found your blog through Rosie's blog. I like the idea of a daily drawing. A while ago I decided no one would ever want to read all my handwriting in my diaries, so I changed to the idea of a photo a day. Its turned out to be a selection of photos which give a fair idea of whats been going on in that month. Then I began to think about doing a drawing a day, but never saw my way until now that I have a number of promarkers and I'm finding it not too difficult to use them every day. Now I must get myself a notebook/ sketch book and start dating my efforts. I must restart using my blog as well.
Hope you will update your efforts soon too.