Monday, 15 February 2016

Watercolour Practice

I've been trying to learn watercolour technique using books and tutorials. I've had some disasters (I tend to be heavy-handed with colour and tone) but I think I'm starting to make some progress.
I've traced some outline drawings (pigment pen) from reference photos and scanned them, so I can print them off multiple times. This allows me to concentrate on practicing the watercolour techniques without worrying about having to spend ages doing a drawing each time. Here's one of Chichester Cathedral with watercolour washes.
Still not very accomplished but definitely an improvement on earlier attempts (which weren't fit to be seen and went straight in the bin!) 


Helen said...

Now I know Chichester Cathedral as my late parents lived not far from there, and so I can attest that you have the likeness very well - well done you (it's far better than anything I could achieve!)

Claudia Hemmings said...

Thanks Helen! I'm good at finding ways around my lack of natural talent - tracing paper is my very good friend and I do 3 of everything and only keep the best one! Just had a look at your blogs. Some absolutely beautiful orchid photos from Kew - I want to have a go at painting watercolour flowers soon so that's inspiration for me! :)