Sunday, 22 November 2009

November Journal Page

Collage, acrylic, ink, pablo pencil, stamping.

I'm excited about this page for a couple of reasons:
Firstly, it should not work (vintage photo V orange/black acrylic paint - what was she thinking?!)....but I really like it!

Secondly, it was one of those 'accidental' pages. The background was part of an acrylic painting which didn't work out, so I was feeling a bit disappointed, but I never waste anything so I cut it up to use for collage. My feeling of failure disappeared when I realised it might still make something interesting. I love it when art just happens.


Carmen said...

It's amazing and looks like it was made for this page. Love your vintage lady too. What is the brown framing the edges? Is that pencil?

Claudia Hemmings said...

Thanks Carmen - you are my blog's favourite visitor because you always say something nice! The edges look brown on the scan but they're actually orange and yellow pencil on top of the black acrylic. Just peeked at yours and am *loving* those coasters.

Carmen said...

Thanks Claudia :) I love seeing on my sidebar that you've updated - there is always something fabulous to come and see :D Very inspiring!