Thursday, 10 December 2009

December - Street Style

I've been exploring different artwork styles in books and blogs recently, and am finding lots of new inspiration for my own work. At the moment I'm loving the cool, unpolished and immediate feel of Street Art. I'm no street artist but I've tried to bring some of that edgy street flavour to this altered book spread. (Acrylic paint, collage, pablo pencil)


Julie Broom said...

love this one! Very refreshing and modern.

Carmen said...

Must be something in the air - I've just bought a street sketchbook for someone and when it arrived I fell in love with it totally and have been hinting madly (shoving my Dad towards Amazon) for it for Christmas - I'm reliably informed Santa might just have got it for me ;)

Love your pages, again so different from other things on your blog but love the style.

Anonymous said...

Hi, bloghopping and came across your blog.

I love this! What a great interpretation of the style. Love the colour choices too.


Sarah said...

this is STUNNING