Friday, 16 November 2012

My Art Tower - Grunge Graphic style page

This tower is opposite my favourite art shop in Hove.  It acts as a landmark as I'm driving along, and whenever I see it I associate it with good feelings of creativity.

I started by painting a book page with red transparent acrylic, then did some simple pinted blocks of black, some white stenciled text, and some grungey paint scrapes.
I added my printed tower image and large stenciled lettering, and finished off with some journaling (Posca paint pen).
I'm a fan of the black/white/red combination and I like the striking image of the tower, so I'm quite happy with the way this page turned out.


Rosie said...

Oh its LOVELY to see someone else's stage by stage pictures! And very inspiring - love your "art tower".

Sarah said...

Can't go wrong with black, white and red, such a strong combo

my favourite thing about this is the way the stencilled title goes off the edge but it's still obvious from the context what it says. I'd never have thought to do that but it looks brilliant. Clever!