Sunday, 11 August 2013

Flowers at Sunset

I'm continuing to try out different shapes/sizes and colour combinations, so today I'm using a background of sunset colours instead of greenery. Also trying out a tall thin format, which might work well on a card.

II used the same simple techniques as before, but with different colours. Wishy washy background to start with, and once that was completely dry, some simple flower shapes painted over the top.

I added some stems using a water-soluble pencil, with little knots under the flower heads and some extra ones to add some buds.

I then used painted water onto the stems to activate the water-soluble pencil, and painted in the buds and the one flower centre. A quick crop to trim off the mess, and voila!

I used a similar background for some more Alliums (which are really fun to paint)...
It looked like this at the halfway stage:

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