Sunday, 11 August 2013

More Flowers, Layer by Layer

I'm still enjoying painting flowers with watercolours, and am trying out different shapes and colours. Printed onto velvet paper, this one should work nicely on a card or notelets.

 I remembered to scan this one at every stage from beginning to end.  The very first thing I did was do some practice sketches to get a feel for the shapes of the flowers:

To start painting, I sloshed on a very wishy washy background using watercolour paint.
I left that to dry and then sketched in the flowers and stems using water soluble pencils:

I then painted in some translucent background leaves/stems using watercolour paint, and painted the flowers (except the centres) using watercolour paint over the soluble pencil (the pencil and paint merge together):

I finished off by painting in the yellow centres of the flowers, then masking them off and adding paint spatter.  I also cropped the picture to a nice card-friendly square shape:

It's my friend's birthday this week so I might make a set of little notelets as a gift for her.

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Hitesh Surujbally said...

Good day,

I would like to request your permission on behalf of my friend, who wants to use this image on her book cover. We will give you the credit as well as a blog link in the book. Please advise how we can move forward with this should you allow.

Thank you,